Kennedy at Seminary

Monday, August 28, 2006

Post about nothing

I have an addiction to admit. I'm addicted to Seinfeld episodes. I checked out some Seinfeld DVDs from the library, and I can't stop watching them. The show is so funny. It deals with the concepts of awkwardness and uncomfortable situations very well. The humor is subtle, paying attention to the ironic details in life.

And from the department of weirdos, we have a video clip of a guy who claims to be Jesus and an article about a guy who advocates human depopulation, if I read the article correctly.

I'm going on a church staff retreat the next couple days. I'm looking forward to kicking back somewhat and getting to know my co-workers better.

If you get the chance, I'd recommend checking out the Kairos links to the right for challenging Bible study questions. I'm going through the book of John with two groups of young adults. I found most of the questions in a study series from Serendipity House. Excellent resource.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Updating again

I guess the mourning period for the Mavs ended a long time ago. I've moved on with life. I'm down in Houston doing my vicarage now. This church is so awesome! I've met so many cool people so far. I'm having fun being a vicar and not a student. I'm working primarily with people my age and younger: 20-somethings, middle and high schoolers. I participate in the worship service every Sunday. I have a lot of involvement in small groups, which I'm finding is a key to developing authentic relationships -- and ministry is all about relationships, a big lesson I'm learning here.

Two of the small groups are for young adults. You can check out their blogs by clicking on the Kairos links on the right side of the screen. Kairos is a Greek word meaning "appointed time." One group meets at my house. One meets about 45 minutes away in a loft in downtown Houston. Also, you can read an article I wrote about young adult ministry for the seminary's student publication, Around the Tower (page 9).

I'm enjoying having a huge house to myself. I'm learning how to cook. I made a chicken dish the other night wth pasta and carrots. I tasted ... well ... gross, but at least I tried. I'm getting better at cooking, part of which involves choosing easier cooking options. I'm discovering more items at the grocery store that I have never used before. Today I made a very tasty lunch of tortillas with chicken and cheddar cheese, with strawberries on the side and glass of milk. Yum.