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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Football champs again!

Sorry I haven't posted at all this quarter. Two events have made me feel like not posting. One, Kristin and I broke up after dating for eight months. That took some recovery time. Second, I severely sprained my right elbow and injured my shoulder in a basketball game. I was in a cast for a week and a half and now I'm still wearing a sling and going through physical therapy.
Now that time has passed since the break up and my arm is healing, I feel back to normal and I'm ready to post again. I'm especially eager to post to share the exciting news that for the seond time in my two years of being a captain with my buddy Josh, we won the football championship! Four of us - Josh, BJ, Niles, and me - played on the champion Geckos team two years ago.
The playoffs were yesterday. Usually our defense was the main reason we won. But yesterday, we had an offensive explosion, scoring nine touchdowns over the two games. We got down by two TDs in the championship game but battled back and won, 27-18. My team this year is The Gideons. As you can see from the picture, our yellow shields on our uniforms helped us stand out when it got dark at the end of the game.
The quarter is wrapping up this week. I'm almost done with my assignments. One short take-home test left. Over my two-week break, I'm planning to visit Pastor Beckman, my former pastor from Arlington. He and his family moved to Nebraska this year. Hopefully I'll get to stop by my buddy AJ's apartment in Arkansas on the way back to Texas for Thanksgiving week. I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends during the break.


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