Kennedy at Seminary

Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Spring" Break

My sister Kelly is getting better. Thanks for the prayers.

I'm at home in Arlington, in the middle of my spring break. Not very spring-like here. Because at the seminary we're on a quarter system instead of semesters, our spring break falls at the end of February. Weather in Arlington has been rainy all week. Next week it should be sunny and 70ish. Can't wait.

I honestly don't need two consecutive weeks off. Breaks are too long. One week would be enough. I'm ready to do something purposeful again. It's nice seeing family and friends, but I have too much free time. And then when I'm back at sem I'll wish I had more free time. Can't win.

Dad and I went to a Dallas Mavericks basketball game Thursday. They were down 19 in the second quarter and came back to win by 10. Very exciting. After the game, coach Avery Johnson said the fans were the MVP because we didn't boo when the Mavs were stinking it up. Did you hear that? I'm the MVP of the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs won again today. They won in overtime after being down 24 in the third quarter. It's awesome having the home team playing so well. Dirk Nowitzki hit the game winner with one second left. He's German. My German Lutheran readership should be proud.

At the game Thursday, a lady to my immediate left was way too loud. She screamed in my ear throughout the game. She called all the players by their first names. (Her: "THAT'S AWESOME, DIRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") Kind of annoying and painful to my ear.

I've become a big country music fan lately. After a conversation with Dad (who's a professional drummer), we decided that the country music I like is nothing more than rock 'n' roll with a fiddle and southern accents. I don't care for slow, "cryin' in yer beer" country. I like the Rascal Flatts-type pop country sound. I like Pat Green a lot. Country music is like rock with a Texas twist. Reminds me of my beloved home state.

Currently reading Toxin, a medical thriller by Robin Cook.

Speaking of medical thriller, I don't think I mentioned that I'm working in a hospital this summer. I was accepted to the Clinical Pastoral Education program at St. Louis University Hospital. I'll learn how to minister to hurting people in a hospital setting. It's an 8:30-5:00 job with extra time spent working overnight shifts. Should provide for interesting posts, following all privacy rules, of course.

OK, this post should be long enough to make up for my infrequent posts over the last few months. More comments would make me want to post more often, hint, hint. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The most important thing going on right now is that Kelly, my sister, had surgery to remove her gallbladder. Without giving many details (because I want to keep this blog from becoming too personal), I ask that you please pray for her continued recovery. She's recovering, but it's not easy.

Second, and very secondary, is the finals of the intramural basketball playoffs. As you may know, I sprained my ankle and have been struggling with tendinitus in my other foot. I've been icing my feet every night for more than a month. I would have loved to take it easy and rest the feet, but we were aiming for a basketball championship. I had been working my way back for about a month. It was worth it to play in the championship game. I played almost the entire game. As a team, we weren't our sharpest, but we played as hard as we possibly could. I sent the team a recap after the game last night:

"Because of a gutsy comeback and a miracle shot by Kevin Hintze, we're champs again! In the championship game today against a great Two Bears team, we trailed the whole game. We got aggressive toward the end of the first half to trim their lead to four at halftime. They continued to play well and had us down 38-32 with about four minutes left. We tied the score at 38 with a minute to go. After we wound the clock down, they stole the ball and called timeout with eight seconds. Aaron Hutton on their team raced downcourt and drew a foul with two seconds. He made the first free throw and missed the second. We called timeout. From the other side of halfcourt, Pat Niles inbounded the ball to Hintze well behind the three-point line. Hintze took one dribble and launched a shot. Buzzer. Swish! 40-39 Geckos! I didn't think anything could top the drama of the football season, but I was wrong. Incredible effort. What a game."