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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I thought I was tall

From the Department of Useless Information:

BEIJING (Reuters) - The world's tallest man, whose search for a bride covered the world, ended up marrying a woman from his home town nearly half his age and more than two feet shorter, Chinese media reported on Wednesday.
Bao Xishun, 56, a 2.36-metre (7-ft, 9-inch) herdsman listed by Guinness World Records as the tallest living man, married a 29-year-old saleswoman, the Beijing News said. Both come from Chifeng in Inner Mongolia.
"After sending out marriage advertisements across the world and going through a long selection process, the efforts have finally paid off," the newspaper said.
It was the first wedding for Bao and his bride, Xia Shujuan, a mere 1.68 metres (5 ft 6 inches) tall.
Bao reached his height in a seven-year spurt that began in his teens and which doctors have yet to explain, according to Guinness.
After a career in the army, where he was recruited for a basketball team, he returned to Inner Mongolia. He now herds livestock and hires himself out for publicity stunts.
In December, Bao saved the lives of two dolphins by reaching deep into their stomachs with his 1.06-metre (42-inch) long arm to pull out pieces of plastic, according to Chinese media.
-Yahoo News

Just for fun, one more item that has nothing to do with any of us. From

AKRON, Ohio -- LeBron James' new house is shaping up as a palace fit for a king -- with a theater, bowling alley, casino and barber shop.
The 35,440-square-foot house in Bath Township, about 20 miles south of Cleveland, is under construction and is to be finished next year. It is being built on 5.6 acres of land that was purchased with an 11-bedroom house in 2003 for $2.1 million. The Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star and Akron native razed the house to clear the way for the new one.
A first-floor master suite, which includes a two-story walk-in closet, will be about 40 feet wide and 56 feet long -- bigger than half the houses in Bath Township.
The house has a dining hall, roughly 27 feet by 27 feet, a "great room" at 34 feet by 37 feet and a bigger, two-story "grand room," according to the Akron Beacon Journal, which reported on the blueprints.
While waiting for the home to be finished, James splits his time between a huge apartment in downtown Cleveland and a relatively modest four-bedroom house in Medina County west of Akron. He paid $580,000 for the house in 2005.
The new house already has begun to draw the curious.
"People who come to photograph it are disrespectful," said Tom Bader, one of nine immediate next-door neighbors. "They park their car in the middle of the street -- with their doors open! And you're sitting behind them! All I wanna do is go home after a hard day's work."