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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I started physical therapy Monday for my elbow and shoulder. I'm not wearing the sling now. The physical therapist gave me four exercises to do three times a day.

I'm dying to exercise hard. I've been going for walks, but that's not satisfying. I've been riding the stationary bike and elyptical machine in the gym. Those are more challenging. What I'd love is a nice run. But the doctor said running might aggravate the elbow with the back-and-forth motion. So I have to be patient as it heals.

I went to the seminary's food bank and got free food today. All we have to do is write three thank-you notes in exchange for the food. I ate brats, rolls, and green beans tonight. I'm not a huge fan of brats or any German food, but these hit the spot. Without cafeteria service over the break, I'm thankful for what I can get.

I'm enjoying leading the main adult Bible class at my field work church. I'm teaching for seven Sundays on St. Paul's letters to the Thessalonians. Two weeks ago we looked at the context of the letters, highlighting Paul's visit to Thessalonica recorded in Acts 17. Last weeek we talked about evangelism. I showed a Rob Bell Nooma video called "Bullhorn" as an example of how not to proclaim the Christiam message. No one likes someone yelling at them with a bullhorn and condemning them.

That reminded me of when I was at UT-Arlington for my first two years of college and encountered some interesting people. It was a blonde-haired family of dad, mom, and kids. They were in the middle of the campus holding up "Repent or die" signs. I walked up to one of the girls and casually asked, "So, where are you guys from?" She answered, "We are not of this world." Oh. OK....

Go Cowboys. 8-1. Nice win against the Giants on Sunday.


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