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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Famous sister

I'm at home for Christmas break. It has been a relaxing break. Not a lot on the agenda. Just spending time with family and friends. I guess that's what the holidays are supposed to be like.

I had a couple of good basketball games before the break. As my arm has gotten better and as I've gotten more experience playing organized basketball, I've felt more competent on the court. I had 10 point two games ago. My jump shot felt really good. Last game, I missed a lay-up and a short jumper early on. It looked like it would be a bad game. But with us holding a one-point lead, Coach put me in midway through the second half and never took me out. I made a couple of key baskets and pulled down a bunch of rebounds. My teammates were telling me that I was a big reason why we held on to win. It felt good going into the break with such affirmation from the team. Coach even told me I should be proud of myself.

April 22. Call Day. Less than four months away. That's when I find out what church I'll be serving as a pastor. I've gone through paperwork and interviews up to this point. I'm hoping for somewhere with warm weather. Especially as I look outside and see the sunlight right now as I sit in my bedroom in Arlington. Then I see on my computer that the temperature was in the teens in St. Louis this morning. I'd prefer to live in a warm climate, but I'll be happy to serve wherever God puts me, even if it's Coldmiddleofnowhere, Minnesota.

Speaking of nice weather, I went down to Austin with my sister Kelly and some of our neighbors. We saw Kelly's apartment down there. You do know that she's a famous TV star. She's an extra in Friday Night Lights. The writer's strike means that work has been on hold for her lately. Oh, but back to the weather. It was 77 degrees and sunny there! How wonderful.

Dad and I are going to see the Mavs-Warriors game tonight. This will be a chance for the Mavs to get revenge against the team that "shocked the world" and knocked the powerful 67-win Mavs out of the first round of the playoffs last year.


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