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Friday, March 07, 2008

Letter to St. Louis

Dear St. Louis,

First of all, it's March. There shouldn't be snow outside. However, I will accept 45 degrees with snow on the ground. Still, I'm ready for spring. I've consulted with others, and they are ready for spring, too. So what's the hold up?

I might miss you. Notice I didn't say I will. I might. I've come to like some things about you very much.

Ted Drewes frozen custard. It's really not that much better than a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, but it's a fun experience going there.

The Cathedral Basilica. I don't have to be Catholic to appreciate the art and the feeling of being somewhere holy and special. I feel like I'm in the Vatican almost.
The Arch. It makes for one of the coolest downtown skylines in the country. Although every time I've wanted to go up the Arch, I'm always too late or all the tours are already filled up.
Cardinals baseball. You really need a basketball team here, but baseball is the next best sport. I love the Redbird fever during the season.

Forest Park. What a great location for the sem, right next to the mecca of exercise in St. Louis. And that park has everything: zoo, museums, outdoor plays, baseball fields.

Call Day is getting close. Less than two month. St. Louis, I'll have to leave you soon. Maybe I'll visit again sometime. It has been nice knowing you.

Now that I've kissed up, please warm up. Thanks.


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