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Monday, October 17, 2005

Playing Catch-Up

OK, I'm lagging behind on blog posting and returning e-mails. Sorry about that. I'll get caught up.
After our intramural games, I send out an e-mail to our team. Instead of re-writing a description of last game, I'll just post a paragraph from last week's e-mail:
"Wow. That was the most incredible game I’ve ever been a part of. 33-31 was the final score. We won against a very good team with big-time receivers like Scott Jensen and Tim Lawson. I’d love to recognize all the great plays throughout the game, but I can’t stop thinking about the end. We were down 31-27 with four plays left in a back-and-forth game. QB Justin Krupsky – who had a great game – threw a bomb downfield. Kevin Hintze turned to his left, realized the ball was headed to his right, turned the other way, and made an unbelievable catch in the right corner of the end zone to give us the lead. With three plays left, our defense kept the opposition from getting to the end zone, although they came close. Jake Scott had a spectacular knockdown on the last play to preserve the win. What a game."
Usually, I'm pretty stoic on the sidelines during the game. I try not to show too much emotion whether we're doing good or bad. But this game was different. It was such an exciting finish. The whole team went crazy after our touchdown and the knockdown on the last play.
We register for classes tonight. I hope to get into the classes I want for the winter quarter.
I had a super busy weekend. On Friday, I camped with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Jim, who drove up from Texas to go to Stephensville state park 40-50 miles southwest of St. Louis. The next day we went to Grant's Farm, a zoo-like place about 20 minutes south of campus. That night I went bowling with a group. My scores were 160 and 129. On Sunday, I did the children's message at two services and liturgy at one. I went to some friends' house after church. I had to study for a big test yesterday evening. I have translations and a sermon to write tonight and a ton of laundry.
That's enough for now. When I get some more time, I'd like to write a more reflective post instead of just listing what I've been doing. But this will have to work for now.
Have a great day.


  • Ha! Kevin Hintze is my cousin!!!!

    By Blogger Emily, at 9:27 AM  

  • Hey--looking to getback in touch with Jake Scott... do you have an email?

    By Blogger Teksten, at 3:26 PM  

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