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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The finger

Playing basketball Monday night, I dislocated my finger. I went up to block a shot and hit my hand on the backboard or the ball or something and bent my finger in three directions. (I'd show you a drawing of it, but I can't get pictures to upload on this site!) So when I saw my bent finger, I stared in horror. Then I reached down and yanked it back into place. Hurt like crazy. I saw a doctor today and am now wearing a splint. Nothing broken; just a dislocation.

I went to a conference Friday and Saturday at a megachurch called Fellowship of the Woodlands. Got some great ideas for ministry. The conference was impressive. The main presenter, their senior pastor Kerry Shook, is an unbelievable speaker. He's great with visuals and so natural talking in front of a large group. They even had their worship team lead music. It was an energizing day and a half.

On Saturday night, I went to a Third Day/David Crowder concert with a group of friends. The music was great, especially Crowder. He has an off-beat style of worship music that I really enjoy.

I got to drive a big lift around to connect some wires for a projector in our youth building. Operating heavy machinery is fun.


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