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Saturday, December 31, 2005

King Kong

I saw King Kong last night. Three hours and seven minutes is a long running time for a movie. The first hour was pointless. The second hour was freaky. The third hour was the best because the monkey was in New York. So the movie got better as it went along. Even though it was long, I recommend it. Everyone should see King Kong.

Happy New Year's Eve!


  • really? wow i heard it was such a waste of time. Especially since we all know what happens in the end. You should check out memoirs of a geisha, long as well but if you like history then you'll like this movie.

    By Anonymous Krispy, at 2:15 PM  

  • Kennedy, I heard from my supervisor that King Kong sucked. But I heard it's up for "best dialogue" for 3 hours of monkey grunts. But hey, if you like that sort of thing.

    How's sem treating you, anyway? what's your favorite class? What do you hate about it? We want more stuff about the life and times of Christopher Kennedy. I need my Fix, man!

    By Blogger josh, at 12:17 PM  

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